America, Come On!

How could you not vote for this guy?? Please everyone, look at him for the love of God. I am always in the minority with my opinions. Always, always, always. Which means my candidates rarely win, etc. Sabra is a doll, and talented too, so who can be bitter, but, well, oh well. Last year I wanted Danny’s brother Travis to win. Sigh. It was great to see Sara and Hok again.

I wish they’d have dancers from previous seasons come back to dance instead of having other performers, like the Pussycat Doll girl, for instance. It would have been great to see, oh, I don’t know, TRAVIS dance.

[Video removed because the link no longer works.]

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2 thoughts on “America, Come On!

  1. Yes, Danny really was the very best dancer this season. Unbelievably strong/powerful/graceful. I was happy that Sabra won though, because she was able to nail every style thrown at her, and did exhibit some acting skills and humor in her dances. And having only danced 4 years, she is truly amazing. But Danny will most certainly be picked up by a very good company, as Mia said, he has the potential to go down in history. Hopefully now that his talent and abilities have been seen by millions, he will become something of a known quantity/legend. I agree with you that they really should have focused on previous finalists in the entertainment bits, instead of that really lame pussycat doll. Would have loved to see Travis and the very first winner from 2 years ago, Nick. Odd that the first two years of the series the top prize was not only the $$ but dance contracts/NYC apartments (in the case of Nick the 1st winner) but Sabra didn’t get any of that—although $250,000 ain’t at all shabby…

    P.S.– CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE KAYAK RACE!! It’s fabulous and amazing that you made it through with only a week of kayaking experience!

  2. Thank you!!

    I’m still sighing about Danny. I’m sure you’re right though. He’ll be okay. They all will be. It was an amazing opportunity for them, and the producers of this show really are doing a great thing for dancers and choreographers. I would never have heard of Mia Michaels or Shane Sparks, etc. Not I know them and admire them.

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