Beloved.jpg Last night I didn’t feel like reading or watching TV so I was browsing photographs on Flickr. I just cannot freaking believe how many mind-blowingly talented people there are in the world, and this was just one infinitesimally small piece of it. Just one area where people are talented, and yet there was more than I could ever look at in a lifetime. Seriously, the gorgeousness of some of the photographs, the incredibly sublime beauty and emotion I saw.

This one was uploaded by someone called cherynf. I couldn’t find a complete name. I was searching on “abandoned graves,” thinking I might find a possible cover for my book, although an abandoned grave wouldn’t really be right. Honestly, right now I don’t have a clue what should be on the cover. Not that I really get a say. Actually, I get a say, but it’s the publisher’s call, although usually they don’t want to go with a cover you hate.

I KNOW. I just figured it out! A picture of the Duke Building they used to be in, but taken at night. One, it’s a really beautiful building, two, taken at night it will symbolize that they are not there anymore, but give a slightly haunted feel. It could work! It’s perfect!

Here’s a shot I took, but this was just a quick, uninspired straight on shot. Someone shooting at night for something more atmospheric could certainly get more creative, shoot just one lovely corner, or window, in the moonlight. Maybe even looking out one of the windows.


Here’s the other side, with the statue. This is one of the old photographs I scanned when I went down there. As you can see, there’s a lot to work with here, for someone who is talented.


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2 thoughts on “Flickr

  1. This is what came to my mind when I saw the photo you took of the Duke Building: the shadows cast by the tree branches could be turned into faces (by someone who knows what they’re doing with Photoshop!) Nothing REALLY obvious… nothing too Halloween-y, either. Keep it kind of subtle… the faces shouldn’t jump out at the reader IMMEDIATELY but should become more apparent the longer you look at the picture. As a matter of fact, the front door almost looks like a face the way it is now, with the windows as eyes. It looks a bit like an alien but that’s not exactly appropriate for THIS book, is it?

    I hope the designer(s) come up with something you like!

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