All the Shoes I Own

I don’t think I’m a real girl. These are all the shoes I own, and I can see right away that I definitely need to re-think some of these shoes. A few are pretty unattractive. I’ve decided to go in chronological order.

These are 12 years old. I bought them for a dress-up occasion (Echo’s 5th Anniversary party). They are Arche. All my nice shoes are Arche, they are the most comfortable while also being pretty.


These are Campers, they are probably around 10 years old. I bought them because I wanted a nice flat for “business casual” outfits. God they are ugly. Comfortable, but ugly. With all the cute flats they’re showing now there is just no excuse for these shoes.


Then I decided I needed another pair of dress shoes. The heel from the pair above was too high to wear for extended periods of time, so I bought these. They are maybe 8 – 10 years old and are the perfect shoe. Reasonable heel, but still pretty.


I saw these sandals at the same time I bought my new dress-up shoes, and I just had to have them. LOVE these sandals. I’ve never seen anything else like them. Aren’t they great?


I got these boots when I decided I needed a winter shoe that was a little more attractive than my regular winter walking shoes. You can’t tell in this picture, and they need a wipe down, but they’re cute.


Now we get to the worst part. I walk everywhere I go. On any given day I’m walking 1 to 4 miles. So, I’ve got two pairs of everyday, walking shoes, one for winter and one for all the rest of the year. These are my Merrells, my regular winter walking shoes. Yes, they are hideous, but what can I do? I need comfort (and warmth). I wear these with pants, so they don’t show like they do in this picture. I wear the boots above when I’m wearing a skirt or dress.


My rest of the year everyday, walk-everywhere shoes are less problematic. I usually get some sort of cute sneaker. I was in a red phase when I got these, and I will probably replace them in the spring.


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9 thoughts on “All the Shoes I Own

  1. Well that is just about the saddest shoe collection I’ve ever seen! Based on your love of happy springy dresses, I expected your shoes to be equally colourful. I love the red sneakers. I’ve been in a red shoe phase myself for well over a year now. I bought myself a pair of Privo shoes for my last trip to New York and all the walking that it would entail. They have some really cute ones, and they all have great soles and a removeable insert. Just Google “Privo”. Get yourself some happy shoes girl!!!

  2. stacy, stacy, stacy. you need to branch out from the black, girl. some cute little flat sandals in a yellow or red are crying out to you from somewhere.

  3. I am proud of the pedicure, it’s true. It’s a Maybeline shade of sparkly crimson.

    Yeah, it’s a pretty sad collection, I agree. I will start to do something about it. But given that the sneakers are what I wear every day, in reality, I’m colorful most of the time.

  4. Melinda, that site is GREAT. Thank you for the link. Maybe I will do that this Spring.

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