SYTYCD – My Happiest Obsession

Photo lost! I don’t know where it went!

LOVED the opening number last night, loved it! Hated the camera editing though, as usual. It was so frenetic I couldn’t really focus on the dancers. I don’t envy the camera people, there was a lot happening on the stage, but still. Just hold onto each dancer or group a little bit longer, just little, little bit longer. Less with the jumping around, okay? Please.

I agreed with the choice of who went home, though. I don’t agree with all the criticism being leveled at Matt, however. Jesus, Nigel. If he wore a bra with beads would you be happier?

As usual, I love reading other people’s recaps. Here’s a favorite from this morning about last night’s show, from Levy on tv.

Oh, hey, look, it’s a group of dancing prostitutes. What’s that, they’re a popular band called The Pussycat Dolls? Ok, got it. There’s a group of dancing prostitutes on stage called The Pussycat Dolls. The song is atrociously bad, with no melody or, you know, singing to speak of. At least they’re dancing though, which most musical acts last season did not do. I have to say, I truly hope they’re not lip-synching because then the song is actually that atonal and spoken. Yikes.

In other news: Two fun movies opened today! The Happening and The Incredible Hulk. I’m going with The Happening first.

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