A Hero

Save.jpg This guy, James O’Brien, just saved that bird’s life!! [The link I had to a story about this no longer works.] Isn’t that the sweetest picture? The guy looks so happy and the bird is all, “WTF?? Okay, thank you, but you can let me go now.” Which James of course did. This is James’s website [that link no longer works either, unfortunately]. What a nice guy.

So, it’s raining. My plans of going uptown to check out who lives in a former 5th Avenue haunted house and then taking a nice walk home are wrecked. Hmmm. Curl up with a book?

Note to self: Don’t forget to buy a converter box for the little TV in the bedroom which you NEVER use, but on the one in a billion chance that you ever turn it on again, you’ll be glad you bothered, right? Plus, you’ve got the $40 off coupon from the government. It will feel good to use it, even though, technically, you may be using it on something you don’t actually need. Which is insane and belongs in the category: This is How They Get You.

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4 thoughts on “A Hero

  1. James!!! Hi!! Thanks for saving birds!! I saved a pigeon once. I tried to save a bat, but he was very sick and I was told he probably wouldn’t make it.

  2. Yes, saving animals is a mixed bag. You always hope for the best, but often there is not a happy ending. Also, when handling wild animals, its always best to take precautions…bats carry can carry rabies, and pigeons trichinosis. But that doesnt mean dont try.

    PS I went by the local petco yesterday and saw the cutest one eyed kitten. Those and 3 legged dogs get me every single time.

  3. Which Petco? And yeah, about one-eyed cats and three legged dogs.

    I’m trying to remember if I thought of possible diseases or rabies when I was handling the pigeon and the bat. I put gloves on, but that was in case of being scratched or bit. I must have washed up after. I think … ha. (No, I’m sure I did. More for the cats sake, so as not to transfer something to them!)

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