Don’t Shoosh Me, Mean Lady!

Erector2.jpg I went to sing last night at St. Luke’s (the Faure Requiem and the Vivaldi Gloria) and the choir director wanted us to repeat the second movement of the Faure, as a prayer for peace for … but I couldn’t hear the country. I asked the person next to me which country he said, and she couldn’t hear me so I repeated myself and then the person in the row ahead of us turned around and shooshed me! I don’t know why this should bother so much but it did! I’m insane. It’s official. (But mindfully insane.) Excuse me! Mean lady! You could have also turned around and answered my question, but no. I’m sorry my hearing problem caused you what? A whole five second interruption to your being able to hear just fine time. Honestly. People. Ugh.

I’ve begun a hunt for new music. I’m tired of almost everything on my ipod. I’ve been enjoying browsing the itunes store, one of the greatest services in the world, I’ve decided, I just wish I could hear the whole song before buying. It’s fine when you know what you want, but when you’re exploring you feel a little vulnerable, paying for music you haven’t really heard except for a few seconds.

This is a picture of a sky scraper made by Chris Burden. It’s up at Rockefeller Center right now and I walked by it the other day. It’s made entirely from Erector Set parts. Of course this sent me off into a nostalgia frenzy. Remember Erector Sets?? Don’t you want to build a robot right now?

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Shoosh Me, Mean Lady!

  1. Hi Stacy:
    I had my iPod in my hand as I was checking your blog this morning so I thought I’d give you a few suggestions for music that you may not have come across:

    CD: Bring Me Your Love
    Artist: City and Colour (a Canadian guy otherwise known as Dallas Green — acoustic folk)

    CDs: Bareback and Half Smile
    Artists: Hank Dogs (from South London — more folk)

    CD: End of Part One
    Artist: The Violet Archers (also Canadian –“vibrant and lush indie rock”, says their site)

    CD: Reunion Tour
    Artists: The Weakerthans (“Canadian indie rock band that blends punk-inflected folk rock with literate, introspective lyrics” says their site — but don’t let that scare you off!)

    Anyway, must get to work! I hope you can track these bands down and give them a listen. With any luck, you’l find some new stuff for your iPod!

  2. Thank you! I just cut and paste those and I will look for them later this afternoon. Every day now I try to delete a few songs, and then replace them with a few new songs.

  3. Yup…remember Erector sets-‘tho I recall them rapidly going ‘out of style ‘during the ’60’s.

    Suppose they went to the same netherland as being polite/having manners.

  4. Hi Stacy. you might try
    if you haven’t already.

    They are good for finding new things to listen to — as well as for reminding you of things you once liked a lot, but may have since forgotten about. 🙂

    Happy listening.

  5. Nicole, I didn’t know about that place and starting trying it, thank you!!

    David, I think erector sets might still be around but not made of metal?

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