I Can’t Watch

I was looking at my earlier mentions of Barack Obama.  In my first reference I called him “My future president.”  In another I dreamed of him being president after Al Gore served two terms. Sigh.  But I don’t know if I can watch him in the debates.  I’ll just be too anxiety-ridden.  I’m not fond of debates in the first place, but I can’t bear to watch someone I like participate in one.  I watched the movie The Great Debaters, which I really enjoyed by the way, but I must have imploded a half a dozen times before the end.

I was feeling very discouraged yesterday.  The ugliness of the political discourse (someone on Echo was describing the seething hate towards Obama on some website) the comments section on CuteOverload whenever an iffy photograph goes up, the point is: when did I get so thin-skinned?  Well, I am, is the thing.  And I don’t know if I can watch.  I’ll probably wait until it’s over and people I trust tell me if it’s safe and that he did well.  Then I’ll go back and watch the highlights. 

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3 thoughts on “I Can’t Watch

  1. Hi Stacy. It’s Ellen spouse.

    I feel exactly the same way. The very idea of watching the debate makes me unbearably anxious.

    Earlier today, I was on the twitter Election feed. And it was fairly civilized. Then, around 5:30 EDT all hell broke loose and suddenly all these new accounts popped up, spouting the foulest racist and politically hateful crap.

    You’re not thin-skinned. The animus, the seething anger, between parties is very unpleasant. I almost wouldn’t wish the Presidency on Obama.

    I may just watch the debate on twitter.


  2. Did you watch?? Are you okay??

    Yeah, I don’t understand the need for anger. I am going to vote for Obama, but I don’t hate McCain or anything. Or his supporters. There is just no need for this divisiveness.

  3. Well, I did gradually watch the debates, and it was okay, thanks. The negativity and thoughtless partisanship is repellent. McCain’s anger and flashes of sardonic, inappropriate grimace-smiles did suggest a level of crazy just under the surface.


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