Sometimes the Universe Delivers

The bedroom and bathroom are painted! I worked for hours cleaning up after them, so the rooms are not put back together, but at least everything is moved back and I can lay on the couch in stress and clutter-free misery after my surgery which is taking place in two hours. So, uh, yay!

I went with the Golden Honey color for the living room, but I told them to go ahead and paint the bedroom with whatever color they had, which was of course some shade of white. I did however ask them to use the trim I chose, which I thought was a darker green but it turned out to be the exact same shade I had before! Even though I was also buying different brand of paint. How did that happen? I guess I’m really drawn to that color.

You can see the water damage in the floor by the radiator (caused by a radiator water leak). I’ve partially covered it with a cat basket, but it’s not quite doing the job. It bugs me how awful it looks. I can’t afford to re-sand the floors, so I don’t know what to do. A bigger rug, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes the Universe Delivers

  1. I painted my whole bedroom, including the ceiling, that same color green. Reeealllly didn’t work out. Like living in an algae pond. No advice on the floor, but there must be something you can do.

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