Aly Sujo on Stage New Version

I had a set of all my concert photographs made for Laney and Sophie, and I had them re-do the very first one that I posted, because I made that print almost 30 years ago and I was just learning how to make color prints at the time.  The new version is so much better.  Plus I was able to use my software to sharpen it a little. I’m tempted to put the old one up so you can see how much better the new one is.  In fact, I will.

I had this sad thought this morning.  My software tells me what search terms brought people to my blog.  I wish Aly was alive so I could tell him how many people come to my blog every day, looking for information about him.

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2 thoughts on “Aly Sujo on Stage New Version

  1. I’ll never forget the years I spent recording the Leisure Unit demos at Hometown Recording on Bleeker and Broadway. It was truly an amazing mix of energy and creativity. One memory that always come to mind is Aly, Dave, Mike and myself crowded around the mixing board with hands on faders, eq knobs, etc., trying to mix a tune from start to finish (no automation back then).
    I last spoke with Aly 12 years ago and truly regret not having kept in touch since. Working with him was, without a doubt, one of the high points of my time in NYC.

    I mentioned in another post in this blog that I will be happy to send out a 10 song CD made from the original stereo masters to anyone interested.
    I am deeply saddened by his passing.
    Martin Balk

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