I’m Reasonably Charitable, But Still!

I tried to go through my closet in a ruthlessly effective make-Tim-Gunn-Proud way, but I was not terribly successful. I’ll have to make another pass. But I did manage to pack up some clothes I haven’t worn in years and clothes that no longer fit. These will go to the church thrift shop down the street. Fine. Except for two dresses. First, this one. I bought it for my last book launch party. Although it’s hard to tell in this shot, it’s really very lovely. It’s an Agnes B. and was way out of my budget, but I treated myself. I wrote a book!  

I got to wear it ONCE. I’m glad someone else will get to have it, but still! ONCE!

Plus, the thrift shop very reasonably wants everything to be clean, and this is a hand wash dress.  I had to hand wash it!! Today I will have to iron it!! Okay, fine.

But there’s a second dress.  This one I can’t part with, even though I haven’t had an occasion to wear it in years.  I’ve also owned it for years, so really, no dress lasts forever, what do I want?  

It’s just that it’s the most flattering dress I have ever owned.  I wear it and I think I’m the prettiest girl in the room wherever I am. That’s a great feeling (and it doesn’t matter if it isn’t technically true). The dress is exactly like the white halter Marilyn Monroe wears in all those pictures of her above the subway grating, except it’s black.  I don’t know anything about sewing, but I’m taking it to a tailor and asking them if there’s anything to be done.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Reasonably Charitable, But Still!

  1. I gave it away!! I couldn’t see any way it might be made to fit me again. I kept the other one though.

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