Holiday Giving Via New York Cares

I’ve been mulling over something nice to do for the holidays, essentially what charitable organization I’ll contribute to in lieu of giving gifts.

I was looking at this from New York Cares, an organization I volunteer for from time to time. That’s actually the beauty of this organization—you can sign up and volunteer a day here, a day there. It’s perfect for people who don’t know what kind of commitment they can make, and instead volunteer when they can. So New York Cares has this Winter Wishes program which is a variation on the post office’s Op Santa. I like it because I saw right away in the faq that answering most letters will mean spending $40 and less. I don’t know yet how they accomplish that, but part of the problem with Op Santa was sifting through the letters to find one I could afford.

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Giving Via New York Cares

  1. It’s both gut-wrenching and heart-warming to donate to those programs. Good for you!

    We’re in the process of starting our annual charity program at work. (This is my third year to lead the charge.) We work with four or five different groups each year to “adopt” both families and individuals in both the states our staff come from.

    I just got everything out to everyone yesterday, and the tree on our floor One of seven) isn’t even decorated yet (with tags to choose from) and about a fourth of the items are already claimed. Lovin’ it! Have I mentioned that my colleagues are fabulous?

  2. I called one of the local churches about adopting a family and was told they were all taken already. I told how glad I was that they didn’t need my help, so I will go on to another. I think that’s a great sign that 1 day before Thanksgiving and they didn’t need anything. I hope this happens to all of them!!

  3. You guys are the best. I’m still at the thinking about it stage and you both have already started.

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