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I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Book Eater

  1. One of my cats does this, too! When not chewing, she also likes to lick and rub her cheeks against the sides of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. I’m always worried she’ll get a paper cut!

  2. Me too!! I also worry that maybe he’s missing something in his diet that he’s getting from the books.

  3. I have four cats. It’s so funny how they exibit such different behavior between them. One loves chewing printed material while another’s passion is various types of string. Three were feral. How about Buddy?

  4. Both my cats were rescues, but neither of them terribly wild-like. Buddy a little more than Finney. It took him time to warm up to me.

  5. Stacy my banjo was delivered today just before going to work (evenings). Now I can’t wait to try it out. The action is set perfectly right out of the box. It was even in tune. 2 or 3 strums then I had to leave. I really like the guy Patrick you mentioned. Thats the kind of teacher I wish I could find aroung here but so far there aren’t any. Books and youtube I guess. Oh. I got the gold tone cc-100rp. It is dark pecan like. since this is actually a kitty thread I must mention that The latest cat I have is a very friendly stray. I put up pics locally. I live in a resort town so often lost pets are actually tourists and the owners don’t think to check with the local Vets. I know that some child is really missing this cat. He has already moved in.

  6. Yeah, I wish Patrick was my next door neighbor or something. He’s so nice. I haven’t kept up with the banjo. I should figure out a way to write about it, so it would force me to give it a real go.

    You are a saint to take in stray and lost cats. I know a child is missing one of my cats, Finney. The rescue organization who had him told me he was dumped by a father who had taken the cat away from his daughter because she wasn’t studying. Can you imagine?? What a horrible horrible father.

  7. If you like I will send some pics of a wreck that “Ivan” uncovered. I find things like that so interesting and wonder what its story was. Some think it was a blockade runner from cuba named Republic. The union navy burned her when she was driven aground. By the way…Already sent a few cat pics.

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