People Fight Change, Even When It’s Positive

It’s so discouraging. I just saw some Rush Limbaugh chant against Obama.  I try to console myself with the fact that there have always been loud, ugly, destructive people like this and yet the world has slowly, so slowly gotten better.  People fight change and they fight it hard, but change still comes.  I wish I didn’t get so upset when I see such displays like this, though.

This is on the side of a building on the next block from me.  It looks sepulcher-like, doesn’t it? It must be just a pretty way of noting when the building was built.  I love the head above.  Still, isn’t there a way we could x-ray it or something to make sure there isn’t a body behind there?  (Kidding.)

Oh wait, I meant to post about American Idol, not politics!  I’ll get to it later, I guess. I hate the way they’ve divided up the groups and this new voting procedure.

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5 thoughts on “People Fight Change, Even When It’s Positive

  1. Just thought I’d let you know that we’re pretty excited up here in Ottawa as President Obama is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow morning on his first foreign trip as President. He’ll only be here for 6 hours or so and there will barely be a chance to catch a glimpse of him but there are reports of people coming from across our country to try to see what they can.

  2. It makes me so happy whenever I hear that people outside the U.S. love Obama too. That truly fills me with hope.

  3. I was in England on election night and people there went crazy with happiness when Obama won. It made me doubly proud to be an American. Plus, all drinks at the pubs were free for my daughter and myself – an added bonus for traveling Americans. As for Rush Limbaugh, he is just a whiny ass****. He’s so miserable right now that the old guard has finally collapsed that he would rather wish the country to go down because of Obama then to face the fact that the old school and way of thinking are DEAD. Too bad, Rush. Man up and face the truth.

  4. Nora, I heard someone yelled out, “Yes we Canada!” Loved that.

    Thank you Cathy, that made me feel better.

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