Holiday Stress

I rushed Finney to the vet this morning, but luckily it was only a urinary tract infection. No fun for him, but not life threatening. Now I’m trying to calm down. And not think about what I spent. (Can’t win, going to be in debt for the rest of my life, I might as well accept it.)

Here are a few more pictures from my holiday windows walk. First up, people taking pictures of themselves in front of Von Clownstick Tower (I still can’t bring myself to even say the name). I did not kill any of them, or scream at them, or anything. Laugh it up people, enjoy the new world that you helped to bring about.


I felt for the police who were there to protect everyone. It’s freezing out, and when you have to stand mostly still it feels a thousand times colder. They should get extra winter pay.


The streets around Von Clownstick Tower leading to 5th are closed to traffic. But I felt like that command should be directed to Von Clownstick.


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3 thoughts on “Holiday Stress

  1. Oh dear, I feel for you. I wonder what happened to good old fashioned embarrassment? You would think conservatives and ‘value voters’ would be more attuned to the idea that shame is a social controller. Why aren’t they ashamed and embarrassed by Trump, I wonder? It must be the same group who feel so entitled all the time, who feel like they don’t have to respect other people just because they are people, and who feel like there should be lots of rules and at the same time, that those rules (all rules) don’t apply to THEM. But I don’t know what can be done about this. People are slow to change – it took a generation to make drinking and driving more socially unacceptable than it used to be. And people are loathe to change individually, even when they see they must or they’ll die (witness people who won’t eat healthy even after a bad diagnosis.) All I can think of for now is to lead by example.

    Take heart!

  2. I like your nom de idiot. I think you should keep it. Another one that I like (seen in a comment in the Washington Post) – Trumplethinskin.

    UTI’s are no fun for cats and owners alike. I had a cat many many years ago who let me know that he was suffering by peeing blood in the bathroom sink and then peeing on me at the vet. Not something commonly seen in girl kitties of which I have three . . .

  3. I know, UTIs are the worst. He’s on pills that will help with the discomfort while the antibiotics do their job.

    Julia, exactly. Where is everyone’s integrity, for the love of god??

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