I quit. Okay, not really, but man.

The covered box didn’t work. Someone simply peed next to it. Thank GOD for the suggestion of the pads, because at least it was easy to clean up and I didn’t cry.

But I realized this means nothing will work. If I get a box with tall sides whoever is doing this (I’ve never caught them in the act) will just pee next to that too. I’m not sure what to do now. I’m going to get a big box from the container store anyway, and I’m also going to try putting the box in a new place (the hall) to see it that makes a difference.

I did talk to the vet and I’m going to have to try to catch both their urine for testing.

Well, I didn’t like that big covered box, so at least I can stop using that.  Christ. Just slap the “crazy cat lady” label on me and be done with it.

Other things not going well: still not liking the new book proposal.  Have to go back to the radiologist for an ultrasound because they found a mass.  It’s probably nothing, they say, but still.

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3 thoughts on “I quit. Okay, not really, but man.

  1. Not that I know much about these creatures called cats but is it possible the offender just doesn’t like the litter you use? Have you tried switching brands?

  2. I think moving the box to a new location may help. I also suspect they just might not like that space.

    Because cats tend to be very tactile and sensitive to smells, they can respond adversely to subtle changes in their environment. Especially unfamiliar objects and spaces.

    They are creatures of habit and comfort and like anything familiar. So a minor change in their daily routine (a new litterbox) might disorient or confuse them in that they don’t immediately recognize it as a litterbox.

    So I think a change of space may help regarding the mess, but they also need to be familiar with the litter box, so if that had been changed it may take a few days to adapt to a new or different one. That might explain the urinating outside the box. They probably smell the new plastic more than the familiar smells from within the box — litter — that they are accustomed to, so that might have thrown them initially.

    Regarding, catching urine — you should be able to get some testing strips from your vet that you dip in to a freshly wet spot of urine in the litterbox. That might be an easier and more practical solution depending on what you are testing for (glucose levels?). Then all you have to do is put the strip into a clear plastic bag, seal it, and take that to the vet where they can match the coloration of the strip to a color graded chart to determine the results.

    Somehow, I fear that trying to catch a feline urine sample would be akin to milking a mouse.

    Quoth the Revan, nevermore…

  3. Good luck with the ultrasound. A needle biopsy may be next. They aren’t so bad. It’s the waiting that is hell.

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