New Litterbox Station

Mother of GOD, I need to be sedated.  Last week I ordered stackable bins to use as litterboxes, (the minimum order was three).  Yesterday I lugged them all to UPS because I decided they wouldn’t do.  At this point I’ve paid for shipping both ways.

Today they peed next to the latest new box I was trying so I went to the Container Store to look for yet another solution. I’m sure you know what’s coming.  The ones that come the closest to the right dimensions are the very same stackable bins I just returned. I’ve now spent three times what I would have paid.

Before I went out I moved the litterbox to the hallway, in case location was an issue.  I get back and one of the cats had already peed next to the box.  It’s kinda good news because it means I could move the litterbox back to the bathroom, except the hallway was easier to clean up.

The cats are back in the bedroom now, high five-ing each other and cracking up I’m sure. Here is the new set up.  Go ahead Buddy.  Drive me right over the edge. I know you want to.


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4 thoughts on “New Litterbox Station

  1. It looks to me pretty much like Cats 10, Stacy 0.

    We have several cats who frequent our back yard, receiving our generous treats. As a consequence, it has given us an opportunity to fathom their mysterious society.

    It is impenetrable. We’re still no wiser in regards to why they do what they do than we were in the beginning.

    The one thing that has not been stated directly here is that it is entirely possible that the cats are intentionally misbehaving either for the sheer pleasure of it or to manipulate you into doing exactly what they want.

    (You know, I found out that when they rub up against your legs, what is actually means is that they feel like they have ownership of you. You think they’re being lovey-dovey and really they’re taking over…)

  2. It’s times like this that they are SO MUCH like fur-free kids. (But look on the bright side: You’ll never have to pay for teen car insurance, college, or a wedding!)
    I’ve always heard though that when a cat who has previously been good about his/her litterbox starts going outside it or around it, it usually signifies a medical or psych issue. Like maybe a urinary infection or being left alone longer than normal, etc.

    And yes, it’s hilarious that when they rub on you it’s just to “mark” you (without peeing on you!) to say, “THIS is MINE!” 🙂

  3. All cats are weird, and yours are no exception. The technical term a vet used for one of ours once was “misunderstood”, but we know she meant “nuts” 🙂

    Given the name of your blog, it’s clear they’re attempting to drive you nuts. They probably haven’t thought it all the way through, though — who will feed them if you’re carted off to the loony bin?

  4. hey,look at the bright side. At least your cats get close. We have a 16 year old dog (her birthday is today) that shits where she’s at.


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