Help Me Identify This Song, Please!

I’m trying to find a song that played on a Sex and the City episode that aired last night called: Three’s a Crowd.  It’ from season 1.

I’ve been unsuccessful so far and it’s killing me. It was a snippet from an opera, it sounded like. I loved it! I even tried to find Dan Lieberstein’s email, the music editor from the show, but no luck.

I’ve googled and googled, and I just thought I’d post this plea. You never know.

I planned to watch movies all day, but so far I am suffering from attention deficit disorder, it seems like.  Nothing has held my attention except the 13th episode of Dollhouse, which was great.  Now I’m back in on Dollhouse, and I had given up.

The picture is from a recent shoot of Sex and the City 2.  I wasn’t there, I grabbed this online somewhere.

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4 thoughts on “Help Me Identify This Song, Please!

  1. I was watching that very episode when I heard the music. And being very fond of classical music, especially of Mozart and Haydn, I immediately noticed that it actually had to be a piece from Mozart. So I took advantage of my godawful shaky Italian and somehow managed to identify it. 😉

    It’s Tito’s aria, the Aria No. 20, from Mozart’s opera “La Clemenza di Tito”.

    No. 20 – Aria

    Se all’impero, amici Dei,
    Necessario è un cor severo;
    O togliete a me l’impero,
    O a me date un altro cor.

    Se la fé de’ regni miei
    Coll’amor non assicuro:
    D’una fede non mi curo,

    Che sia frutto del timor.
    Se all’impero, amici Dei, ecc.
    Parte, seguito da Publio

    It’s been an extreme pleasure finding that and I hope it’ll brighten your day!

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