Haircut Day

I know some of you think I shouldn’t get my hair cut, but the reality is it’s so long now I wear in a ponytail every day. That look in my new author photo?  Only happens when I get it professionally blown out, and I do that, like, almost never.  I’m getting the same haircut, it’s really just a trim.  I can’t wait. I love haircut day.

Oh wow.  All the birds on the fire escape just took off for no discernible reason.  This is a movie cliche for something bad about to happen.  In War of the World it meant the aliens were about to descend on the crowd. Oh god, it always means a monster is about to appear, or a tidal wave is about to hit, etc.   Looking around. Hmmm.

Anyway … this picture of a dove taking a rest from eating me out of house and home and making a mess all over the place makes my window look so dirty!  In reality they’re pretty clean.  I get them done at least once a year, twice if I’m feeling less poor.

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3 thoughts on “Haircut Day

  1. Yay, haircut day! I know just how you feel. I’m saving up myself for a haircut (I should just go to Cost Cutters, but I can’t get myself to do it, opting instead to go to a place that sounds all European and paying more) and I can’t wait. Have fun!

  2. Stacy I watched District 9 the other day. It was one of those movies that jerks around like a 12yr old is on the camera. It was “transformers” and “4th of July” ie: Bill Pulman,Will Smith combined. I liked it altho it was a little hard to keep up with. Took place in Johanisburg (sp?) so the lingo was almost a cockney/German thing…. Seen the trailor for “Gray’s Anatomy”? OH YEAH!

  3. I joined this Regal Crown Movie club thing, so I’m ready for more movies so I earn free movies!!

    Thank you for understanding haircut joy, CR!!

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