The Aykroyds

I didn’t get any great pictures, alas. But the evening went well! A few flubs on my part, but nothing serious at all. A couple of times while Dan was talking Peter would whisper questions to me, neither of us aware of just how much the mics were picking us up anyway, and so Dan had to stop and wait for us. He made jokes, the audience laughed.

I was invited to join their party afterwards for dinner, there was like 30 of us. I can say that Dan Aykroyd keeps friends forever, and he treats them and the people who work for him very well.

This is Dan and his father Peter, the author (with Angela Narth) of A History of Ghosts. They’re going to be on the Today show in just a few minutes, and also later on Larry King, but I forget what day he said. Perhaps the next time it’s on?


Some people in the audience were in Ghostbusters costumes. Dan very nicely signed their suits!


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