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October 27th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

I added a link on the right to Mayapan, the Etsy store for my friend Sharleen Smith. She’s the one who made the handbag I posted about earlier and pictured here.

She doesn’t have the bags online yet, but hopefully she’ll get them up for Christmas!

I know this is not a great shot, but you can’t use the flash when you’re photographing yourself in a mirror.

You can see the bag well enough though, I think.

Oh. I should have used the self-timer. Next time. I have a cat on me now.

Alright, I have to practice a little for choir tonight. Oh christ. Can I reach my music? Yes.

Soprano 2’s rule by the way. We are actually number 1 even though we are 2’s. It’s not logical, I know, but it’s still true.

Soprano 2’s are number 1. And we’re prettier. Our cats are prettier, too.

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