This is the time of day when they start hovering, waiting to be fed. They look innocent here, taken seconds ago, but since then Buddy has eaten a New Yorker letter I copied in Durham two years ago and which I plan to post about, knocked over the scanner, attempted to eat my choir music and batted at Finney.

Finney is trying a different approach. He is curled up on my lap, purring, playing the “good cat.”

Oh, now they’re trying to kill each other. This is the “as long as you’re up” approach.


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4 thoughts on “Hovering

  1. AND HOW! My oldest lets me know that he needs food or attention by sticking his paw (claws out, for added effect) up my nose… My youngest just keeps following me, plaintive mews and innocent eyes all aglow!
    Oh, and my oldest LOVES to eat/gnaw on paper products of any kind… I feel for you!

  2. Over on Sayaka’s site she says in her post Eco and Warm that in Japan they have a superstition that old cats (like one of her cats shown on the site) turn into supernatural beings when they die called nekomata.

    On the post below that, Anatomy Slope, there is a picture of her black cat at the bottom. I’m wondering whether cats who are raised in Japan, listening to Japanese, surrounded by Japanese culture, would have difficulty communicating with our American cats until some kind of common mode of communication can be established.

    Here is a link to Sayaka’s site:

  3. Interesting question. Really interesting question.

    Sayaka is translating my book Unbelievable, by the way!

  4. I did not notice this post.
    Well since my sister came back from NYC with her cat, I am in the place to conduct this experiment, except her cat is too shy to meet my cats.
    I will tell you what will happen when she get a new cat. At this moment, she tell me to speak to her cat in English.

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