A World Full of Santas

I’m walking home and I see a small group of Santas on the street. ¬†Could it be??? They ask me if Washington Square Park is uptown or downtown and I tell them (downtown) but they don’t believe me.

I know what this is about though. Goodbye Santas!! I hope you find your way to …




I took a bunch of movies, but I messed up the setting so not one of my movies came out.

I’ve cried and cried, but now I’m ready to move on and just go with the stills.


See this group? I adopted every one of them. Meet my new children.


Santa gets arrested.


And a little lovin’.


Since I’d taken a bunch of movies I didn’t really try to get a shot of the whole crowd, so I’m disappointed that none of these capture just how many Santas were there. Or all the singing and the dancing and the joy.


There were Santas all over the place, going on and on and out of the frames of these shots. A great big park full of happy Santas.


Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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5 thoughts on “A World Full of Santas

  1. Hey, NOW that looks like a fun time! Zillions of Santas, amazing.

    All of your pictures make me keep dreaming of visiting NYC at some point in time. It must be so wonderful to just step out of your apartment and walk the streets seeing such incredible sights. Envy!

    BTW, if you’re home and read this (not much chance) there’s a DOGS 101 about to come on the Animal Planet station: 8:00 central time, and it’s about getting a puppy, what kind to choose, the whole works. If you miss it, might be able to check it out online.

  2. That’s amazing. I’d pee my pants if I ever came across something like that in Ottawa. (Once I stumbled upon a male Marilyn Monro impersonator contest, and I almost wet my pants. But there were only six Marilyns, and you’ve got hundreds of Santas!)

    If it makes you feel any better, I probably wouldn’t have watched the videos anyway, because I’m too lazy. I only have enough energy to watch stills.

    I especially like the pictures of the Santa standing on the thing giving a speech, and your newly adopted family.

    (By the way, since I’m rambling on and on, I might as well tell you that I first heard of you when I read your book, Waiting for My Cats to Die. I loved that book. I gave it away to a friend who had to stay in bed for the rest of her pregnancy, and sometimes I still regret it.)

  3. Cara, I missed that but I’m sure it will repeat, thank you for the pointer!

    Zoom, thank you for loving Waiting for My Cats to Die. The proposal I’m working on now is kinda a continuation of that, except it also has a subject: singing. It’s been a little tricky and I still have things to fix, so positive feedback about my writing right now is MOST welcome!

  4. I will totally buy any book that’s kind of a continuation of Waiting for My Cats to Die. That book is on my Top Twenty All-Time Favourite Books List.

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