How could I have missed this all these years?

Just a couple of blocks from where I live, a building that used to be a police precinct. I never noticed. How is that possible?? That reminds me, I read that Frank Serpico lived on Perry Street. I wonder what block. Actually, which building? I know it can’t be mine because it said he had the garden apartment and the person who has the garden apartment in mine has been here since the early 60’s.

Buddy Update: He eats really well now. Here is the current (insane) system. He will eat the Friskies Prime Fillets, but only in the morning. And he’ll only finish if I sit on the floor with him while he eats. In the evening, suddenly he doesn’t like the Friskies anymore. At night he will only eat Science Diet i/d, dry food not wet. And again, he’ll eat more if I get down on the floor with him while he eats. When I think of all the trial and error that went into discovering this particular system, all the different combinations … good lord. He doesn’t seem to be gaining weight though and his diarrhea is as bad as ever.

I just ordered something called Gastriplex and L-Glutamine, because Gastriplex doesn’t have enough glutamine and that seems to be key.


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4 thoughts on “How could I have missed this all these years?

  1. You guys are doing fine. Like you said, the chemo’s really not kicked in yet. [This’ll sound weird – Java went from eating nothing to eating 4 to 5 3-oz cans of food a day. He still has diarrhea about every 3rd day, and doesn’t really gain any weight. That’s become the new normal. In the morning, he’d *prefer* that someone be in the room with him while he eats, but it’s not a deal-breaker. When he first started eating again, though, he liked to be *petted* while he was eating…. They’re just manipulative little bozos.]

  2. I’m concerned because I think he may be still losing weight, and yesterday he was diarrhetic all day and night. It was a bad day, although he doesn’t seem to be suffering.

  3. When does he go back to the vet? I’d be concerned most about hydration, if he’s eating okay. The constant diarrhea’s just awful on their systems.

    I’m sorry you’re are having such a hard time. Is he still on something for the IBD?

    We ran into something really strange a couple of months back. I didn’t want to trek out to the vet every month for a refill on prednisolone, so I asked for a prescription, which I filled @ the local Target. The pill looked completely different, so I looked it up, and it was, indeed, the same drug in the same dosage. Gave it to Java for about a week and a half, and he got sicker. Went back to the vet, got a refill from them, and he got better. The vet said they’re both generics, and hadn’t heard of or seen the version we got.

    I know this probably has no bearing on Buddy, but I figure any little bit of info could help.

  4. Because of your post I gave him fluids, sub-q. Just in case. And the look of his pills haven’t changed. I get them from the vet (and your comment has me thinking I could probably save money getting them elsewhere).

    I ordered something called Gastriplex and glutamine which will be arriving on Monday, hopefully.

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