WTF, weather??

I put a pan of water on the roof for the birds. Okay, yes, it’s a litterbox. But I swear it was only used a couple of times, by the fabulous guest cat Rusty. It’s clean. I promise. I put bird seed around it so the birds would learn that it was there, but hours later the seed and the water is untouched. And I know they saw me, the minute I showed up on the roof a few came fluttering over, so it’s weird.

You can also see how much my building slants. It’s not just the roof. My apartment is like that!


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2 thoughts on “WTF, weather??

  1. Maybe they’re waiting for a fountain and frolicking nymphs made out of cement to appear in the middle of the litter box, i mean, pigeon pool.
    I’m sure they’ll eventually try it out. You ARE good to those birds.

  2. It’s odd, but I’ve noticed birds will avoid new feed/feeders/water for a short time. Guess they are just nervous, or their instinct is to be cautious. Eventually though one brave bird will test it, and then the whole flock will descend upon the feed/water. I’m sure they WILL get the water soon.

    The heat wave there sounds awful. We had a bit of cool down for the past 5 days here in the South, but it’s starting to heat up again.

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