Still Makes Me Cry

I’ve been working on a major pare down of possessions the past couple of days, and I just got rid of most of my video tapes. I decided to save an episode of Twin Peaks—I mean Northern Exposure—the one where a pregnant Shelley wakes up and she can’t talk anymore, she can only sing. At the end of the episode she sings a sad lullaby to her unborn child about how she won’t be able to talk to her, and then Holling shows up and starts singing with her. He tells her not to worry, he’ll always love her and they can sing together, in harmony. I just burst into tears the first time I saw it. It was the sweetest solution, and it was just so loving and generous.

I thought, maybe it’s on YouTube, and sure enough it was. It’s still as incredibly sweet and loving as it was back then. (And I can get rid of another possession!)

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4 thoughts on “Still Makes Me Cry

  1. Ummm, you mean Northern Exposure? Same era, similar quirkiness, not quite as dark! 🙂 And yes, GREAT episode!

  2. I loved Northern Exposure. I always thought that Dr. Fleischman and Maggie O’Connor should have gotten married in the end.

    Because they did not marry, I have felt deprived for many years.

    I read that some of the best writers quit the show and this caused the actor who played Fleischman to quit. And after that they were just scratching around to try to salvage it for the last season.

    Most of the actors are still alive of course, and I wish they would have a reunion show and get this couple hooked up.

  3. The last episode made me cry though, as they revisited all the characters and where they were now while the song “Our Town” played.

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