Weird Fire Yesterday

March 12th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

This was the scene. Tons of trucks, and two ladders, and one with a basket going up to the top floor. But there no sign of a fire and no reason I could see why the people couldn’t exit the building normally. Close-up shot below.


I zoomed in on the window the basket went up to.

You can’t tell because it’s so out of focus, but this woman was holding a dog.

She spent some time talking with the firefighter, and I wondered briefly if this was a jumper situation, but that didn’t make sense either.

Not with this many trucks, and there were a bunch of guys on the roof with those things, I forget what they’re called. It begins with an “h”.

So who knows?  I had to leave for the dentist.  But it was very strange.

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