Loser/Not Loser

April 15th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Sometimes I stay in all day to work. Like today. It’s a beautiful day, there’s a wonderful spring scent, I can hear the birds, but I’m going to stay in and fact-check. I was contemplating swimming for a while, but I made the decision to get straight to work instead.

I just now changed out of my pajama bottoms and into my exercise pants. There was no reason to really, but never getting out of pajama bottoms all day feels loser-ish to my so I changed. Pajama bottoms=loser, exercise pants=not-loser.

I took this on my way to the Virtual Choir 3 premiere at Lincoln Center. I was taking a picture of the Virtual Choir 3 name scrolling by in lights on one of the lower steps.

Virtual Choir 3 in lights at Lincoln Center

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  2. By Karen (the one in North Carolina) on Apr 15, 2012

    Not loser-ish to stay in PJs on a Sunday. I do it many times if I’m not going anywhere that day.

    Sitting here at the dining room table with the sliding glass door open, listening to the birds. I can hear cardinals, chickadees, mourning doves, brown-headed cowbird, and occasionally an eastern towhee who calls “Drink your tea”.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Apr 16, 2012

    Oh wow. I meditate in the mornings, and my favorite thing about meditation is the fact that I hear the birds. They’re there all the time making noise, but it’s one of the few times I stop to listen, and it just makes me happy, their sounds.

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