I Love Sunny’s Bar

Yesterday I read at Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook, and what a wonderful place that is! I took pictures before the place filled up (and it was packed, which was nice). Ohmygod, the vet just called with the results of Buddy’s bloodwork and everything is beyond great, and they don’t need to see him now for a few months. I am in the best mood I’ve been in ages, plus I have really good news which I will be announcing shortly.

But back to Sunny’s! Thank you so much Gabriel Cohen for inviting me to read, and thank you Harry Kaplan for suggesting me (and I had fun sitting outside talking with you and Mary and sorry it was so short, maybe we can get together at the next reading).

So I took a bunch of pictures, of course. This was the back room. The reading was up front in the bar, I just liked this room.


This was the kitchen area. I took a picture here because I was excited to see my stove! I have this exact same stove and there’s a whole story behind it. I should go find that post and that picture. Found it! Okay, not exactly the same but close.


This is the bar where the reading took place. That’s Sunny and Gabriel on the left. Sunny’s just has a great feel, it’s very friendly and easy and comfortable. It’s serene in a good way, relaxed, but not sleepy.

It’s hard to explain. It’s like how you feel when you go on vacation. You’re away from the insanity, but now you’re really ready to settle in and have fun. I highly recommend checking out Sunny’s and Sunday’s at Sunny’s!


Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “I Love Sunny’s Bar

  1. Great. Great. Great!

    There is nothing worse than anticipation of a phone call and I am so happy that the results are better than good for Buddy. It’s great. My sister’s cat has been going through something similar for the last few years (and subsequent treatment with chemo and steroids) and also seems to be doing well. Sounds like a nice capper to what must have been a stressful last week for you…

    So, now — throw your windows open, enjoy the sunshine (if the sun is indeed, shining) and enjoy a spirit of renewal that is spring.
    Take in the moment. Take a breath. And smile.

    And please … more details about the reading?

    Richard (Chicago)

  2. Holy crap, I missed the part about Buddy’s bloodwork – beyond awesome!!! (and wow! Do I love that stove!)

    I’m so glad that things are going so well, Stacy! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person!

  3. Awwww. But yeah, I am so glad about Buddy. I love that he doesn’t seem to be suffering and I’ll have him for a little longer.

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