Finney woke up acting completely normal this morning. No crying, no peeing constantly. What if he’s okay now?? Obviously I am going to check with the vet, but what if he doesn’t really need the surgery? Except when the vet was explaining yesterday there was something about a long standing problem, and maybe he hasn’t had FUS all this time. I couldn’t follow well because I was fixated on the fact that he needed surgery.

Buddy has finally stopped crying for food, however. I can’t feed Finney because of his surgery so I can’t feed Buddy either. I’m dropping Finney off at 8am, so I’ll feed poor Buddy as soon as I get back.

They took all the signs down at St. Vincent’s. For those who might not have seen the pictures I posted — St. Vincent’s Hospital closed recently. People immediately started hand writing messages on the boarded up emergency room. This is the first picture I took.


Within a week or so the boards were filled with signs and the hand-written messages of hurt, anger, and appreciation for all the help people had gotten there over the years.


When I walked by yesterday it was all gone except for one ghost-bike like sign, which was actually kind of offensive. One, because they used a ghost-bike and two, because they used it for an ugly message (if closing the hospital meant a Wall Street type would die then it was a good thing).


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