William Bronk “The Conclusion”

I’m reading this book, “Choral Masterworks: A Listener’s Guide,” by Michael Steinberg. In the first essay in his book he has this wonderful poem by William Bronk. It’s called The Conclusion.

I thought
we stood at the door
of another world
and it might open and we go in.
there is that door
and such a world.

Isn’t that a great poem?? I loved it. Thank you, Michael Steinberg!

Okay, back to work now.

This is a picture of a blue house against a blue sky, taken … somewhere in the city. I really should note where I am when I take pictures.

It’s a billion degrees out and I’m hiding out inside for the most part. I just checked. 102. As if 102 isn’t bad enough as it is, it feels like much more. I should put out some water on the roof for the birds. I think I will.

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3 thoughts on “William Bronk “The Conclusion”

  1. It reached 105 in Baltimore today. It might break the record of 107 tomorrow. Dangerous conditions for outdoor workers, especially combined with poor air quality.

    Good idea to put out water for the birds. Crows have pecked holes in my garden vegetables (tomatoes, cukes, squash and eggplant) to get a little moisture. I really can’t blame them – they need it more than I do. I’ve got some shallow dishes of water out now and really hope our baby bluebirds make it in the heat.

  2. Would you believe that it is cooler here in North Carolina than up there in New York (smells like global warming to me. . .)?

    Only made it to 95 today; will be 99 tomorrow.

    Rick is right. If you have a shaded place, the birds and squirrels and chiptymunks would appreciate a nice shallow dish of water. I have a large birdbath set up under a tree for them.

  3. Oh good, I wasn’t sure if it was a waste to bother putting water up there. They haven’t taken advantage of it yet, but we shall see today.

    Rick, that was such a sad image, about them pecking holes just to get a little water. Thanks for putting dishes out too!!

    And same to you Karen. And I’m SHOCKED that it’s hotter here. No fair I say.

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