My Empty Lot Dreams

July 21st, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

It’s something from my childhood and it’s hard to describe. But when I see an empty lot I want to go inside and set up housekeeping. Whatever has grown there I’d leave. I wouldn’t clean up so much, as tuck myself in somehow. Maybe build a small shed or cottage.


I wanted to zoom in to show how huge these leaves were, but this picture doesn’t really convey it. I’d say those leave were over a foot wide, maybe a foot and a half. Imagine building a tiny house in here, and tending the ground so even more wild plants and flowers grew. Doesn’t it seem like it might be heaven?


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  1. 3 Responses to “My Empty Lot Dreams”

  2. By Dan on Jul 21, 2010

    I think you must have been an elf in a previous incarnation.

  3. By Kris on Jul 22, 2010

    I heard an NPR interview with the author of Farm City: it sounds like she did what you describe, but turned a vacant lot in Oakland into a vibrant community garden.

    It got so out of control that she ended up with giant pigs. That’s why I felt obligated to warn you.

  4. By Stacy Horn on Jul 24, 2010

    Pigs??? Hahaha. Yeah, a lot of people in NYC have done the same thing, but I want to actually building a little house in there and it would be mine mine mine. I’d share with my friends of course. No one else though. (Kidding. Mostly.)

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