Cats vs Dogs

I watched the end of a show last night, I don’t even know what it was, but they were holding a contest between cats and dogs. In one round they compared the cost of having a dog vs a cat. Dogs cost a billion times more. It was insane, and really scared me off getting a dog. THEN, they left a cat alone in a room and compared it to leaving a dog alone. The dog destroyed the room, totally destroyed it, it was actually hysterical, but I will stick with cats. Siamese cats to be precise. I’ve always wanted to try them and they’re THIN. I will be able to carry them up and down the five flights more easily.

This is Delmonicos (it looks very European, this corner). I’ve always wanted to eat here. Not for the food, but the history. It’s been around since, well, I’m not sure. A long time. 1837. (I just checked. I love the internet.)


Too Hot, As Per Usual

Lisa posted a link to Old Spice at the Library in the comments section — thank you, Lisa! It’s a cute take off on the Old Spice commercials.

I tried to take a picture which shows the true distance between me and the Empire State Building. It’s a little over 20 blocks uptown.


Lunch Time on Wall Street

I love the guy casually sitting and reading his paper. Nothing to see here, move on.


Then there’s this news truck just parked here (except Fox doesn’t really do news), in case someone tried to blow us up again I guess. It was parked in front of a building that was bombed in 1920, as a matter of fact.


No Sleep

Finney caught a mouse last night at around 2am!!

For some reason I hadn’t been able to get to sleep yet. Which was good because had I not been awake I would have slept through Finney killing the poor little guy and then I would have had to deal with the dead body this morning. As it was I was able to save it, catch it and release it.

It was a whole production of trying various containers, some screaming, trying to balance the pot that finally worked, and the pad of paper over the pot, grabbing my glasses, putting them on, opening the door without moving the pad or letting a cat out, getting up to the roof, letting him free, more screaming when he ran straight back to ME, worrying about people wondering why there was a woman screaming on the roof at 2am and calling the police, and needless to say, there was no more sleep for me last night. Maybe an hour at the very end.

But now I have to go to work???

Ugh, ugh, ugh. I need another day off.

I bought reading glasses! I should take a picture, but it will have to be later. I have to feed the birds and get to work. But they are very cute, except I realized, what difference does it make? No one will see them on me because I generally read at home. Oh wait, I read a lot at the library. Okay, not a total waste.

This is another dress I can’t possess from Bleecker Street. Cynthia Rowley, I think.

My Empty Lot Dreams

It’s something from my childhood and it’s hard to describe. But when I see an empty lot I want to go inside and set up housekeeping. Whatever has grown there I’d leave. I wouldn’t clean up so much, as tuck myself in somehow. Maybe build a small shed or cottage.


I wanted to zoom in to show how huge these leaves were, but this picture doesn’t really convey it. I’d say those leave were over a foot wide, maybe a foot and a half. Imagine building a tiny house in here, and tending the ground so even more wild plants and flowers grew. Doesn’t it seem like it might be heaven?