Lunch Time on Wall Street

I love the guy casually sitting and reading his paper. Nothing to see here, move on.


Then there’s this news truck just parked here (except Fox doesn’t really do news), in case someone tried to blow us up again I guess. It was parked in front of a building that was bombed in 1920, as a matter of fact.


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8 thoughts on “Lunch Time on Wall Street

  1. Forgive me if I’m being dense, but why are the men with guns there? Is July 22nd or 23rd an anniversary of something? Or is it now common for guys with guns to stand around on Wall St.?

  2. Yeah, that’s actually pretty toned down compared to how it was. For years it was like a war zone. It’s because when they attacked the WTC the terrorists kept saying it was a symbol, of excess wealth, etc, and so I think it was felt that the stock exchange was a possible target. That’s the stock exchange on to right in the bottom photograph.

  3. Oh, my, that doesn’t seem quite right. I visited NYC once before and once after 2001 and I knew you couldn’t take the tour of the stock exchange anymore, but I’ve either forgotten the men with guns or figured it was soon enough after 2001 (2002) that they would still be there. But now, still? How do native New Yorkers feel about this? Glad to have them there or is it just the new normal now?

    Sorry for being so morbidly curious, but it’s just so odd to see it in a picture.

  4. I’m going to do a “Show of Force” series just for you! Also, I think it would be a fun project for me. I’m going to start taking pictures of men with guns, and secret service guys, (when I can spot them, which only when they wanted to be spotted) and whenever I see any kind of show of force.

    I feel scared for these guys because I think it makes them an automatic target should anything happen, and they all look so young.

  5. The “show of force” would be interesting. I’d be less worried about these fellows being targets than the innocents who are unarmed. The point to terrorism is to go after those who are not armed to instill terror in the population.

    These guys are wearing some serious body armor and it must be uncomfortable in the heat. Even if they were to become targeted, they are well protected. Heat rash under that body armor might be of more concern to them! (not a suggestion for a photo essay on heat rashes at all). 🙂

  6. Stacy, frankly, although I would love the series (I love all your photos), I’d be careful taking pictures of armed people and whatever they’re guarding. First thing you know you’re getting asked some uncomfortable questions about what you’re doing…

    Hm, heat rash from body armor. I can’t say that occurred to me. And Stacy, you are a sweeter person than me, to be worried about the armed guys. To me something seems wrong about seeing this in America, though. I think it’s the big machine guns–security guards in banks with less-obvious guns don’t creep me out the way this does. That’s why I wondered how New Yorkers felt about it. Mercifully we don’t see as many machine guns in my Midwestern hometown.

  7. It doesn’t creep me out. It’s unfortunate, but people really are trying to kill us so we need them there. I wonder how effective they would be in the end, and I worry about them but they make me feel safer.

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