Day off!! But only one!

The Census is winding down and we’re no longer working on the weekend, which means the days off I thought I had today and tomorrow have been changed and I have to go back in tomorrow (if I want to get paid for a full week that is). And, next week is probably my last week.

So today is going to be a seriously packed day. I’m a little freaked out. BUT!! I’m going to get a free haircut in a couple of hours!! I’m so excited and scared. I’m going to let them do something drastic. My hair will be cut by students learning how to cut hair for Bumble and Bumble. Sounds scary, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about this program. The teachers hover over the students making sure they don’t screw up your hair and if necessary they step in and save the day. And, you get a haircut that would normally cost $150.

They asked me if I was willing to lose a lot of length and I said yes. So we shall see! I’m either going to be back here in a little while in tears, or showing off pictures of my new do.

It was raining yesterday morning, and here are the pigeons all lined up and waiting for me to feed them.


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2 thoughts on “Day off!! But only one!

  1. I got my haircut today, too. Sort of a Jamie Lee Curtis-look, without the pretty face. I hope they didn’t go THAT short on you because it would be a really drastic change (I’ve had short hair for a few years now. don’t let anyone tell you it’s easier to take care of than long hair!) Can’t wait to see pics of yours!

  2. Oh wow!! But I wanted to go more drastic. And I’ll bet your attractive! But we all can’t be Jamie Lee Curtis I guess, who can pull off anything.

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