And another Photo Shoot

There was another photo shoot on my block yesterday. (The model is the one on the right.) They should have gone one more block west. One block east is the Sex and the City block, which is gorgeous, but one block west has some interesting details. It has an almost gothic/Edward Gorey feel in spots and nature has gone a little wild over there.

I picked up my progressive lenses yesterday and I have to take them back to fix something. AND, in addition, I think I need to get a pair of the old fashioned bifocals where you can see the line. I bought these specifically for choir, and the area for reading in these is too small—I have to read a lot of music quickly during rehearsals and performances. The old fashioned bifocals have a larger reading area.

Sigh. I think I’m going to start having a regular feature called: You Can’t Win.


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4 thoughts on “And another Photo Shoot

  1. Lol, no you can’t. I have scheduled an appointment for an eye exam after the reminder you posted here. I figure I pay for Vision as part of my insurance plan, and although I don’t really need new glasses…well, I guess it’s a spite move. Spite can be a great motivator.

  2. Kind of sad that you actually had to tell us which one is the model. It is a little hard to tell. I guess they plan on doing a lot of Photoshop work… (I hope that doesn’t come across as being cruel… It’s just that they’re all so un-ironed.)

  3. This rumpled look has possibilities~and a plus-size model? Is the fashion world so desperate that they’re angling for my pennies now?

    Perhaps you might want to investigate online lenses, btw. They’re much cheaper, and if the bifocals are just for choir, possibly worth it. I used to have the address of a site which rated online optometricists; I’ll try to find it.

    Not that I’ve gotten glasses online yet! But soon, perhaps.

  4. She looked really beautiful, that wasn’t a great shot! I have a glasses update that I’ll post about.

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