A Long Walk

December 18th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

I’m walking uptown to see a panel two of my friends are participating in at the library today. Christ! I went to get the link for their event and there are 103 events today at all the various branches of the New York Public Library.

Every once in a while I think about the scale of the place where I live. If you take any one day, and look at all the millions and millions and millions of events, gatherings, parties, whatever, going on all around the city, all the restaurants and shops, and there are enough people to go to all these things, eat in all these places, AND there are so many people that most of them are not aware of or will ever meet each other and know what everyone else is up to. It blows my mind. While I’m at my panel today millions of people will be at a million other things.

Dogs. There are also lots of dogs.


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