Need New Desk Speakers

One of the speakers on my desk has blown. I’m sure in some way, shape or form a cat is responsible. Unfortunately, new speakers are going to have to go on my “to buy when I have money again” list (damn you dental issues), but I’m already looking around and picking them out. I’m thinking about these [removed the link because I don’t want those anymore!].

Neat musical tidbit: “John Wesley is reported to have said that he did not see why the Devil should have all the pretty tunes.” – What Ralph Vaughan Williams answered when asked about incorporating some secular musical tricks into his sacred music.

I’m thinking of making “Neat musical tidbits” an on-going thing. I’m probably the last person in the world who uses the word “tidbit.”

Hey Finn. Okay, I know the blown speakers are not your fault, but something else invariably is. Oh you’re too cute, I can’t resist. Come here you.


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4 thoughts on “Need New Desk Speakers

  1. I have a pair of A2’s they are gorgeous and loud enough for a small apt, I heard nuances in music I had not noticed before, smiled the whole day with them filling my head with music that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. Worth coveting!

  2. Oh now I want them right away!! Sigh. Well, you never know what the tide will bring in. From the movie Castaway. It’s a comforting thought.

  3. Well as the joke goes about what was in the unopened Castaway package (a solar powered satellite phone) wonders never cease.

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