Charlie Sheen

When this whole thing started I thought he might be punking us or something. But I caught a few minutes of his Today Show appearance and now I think mental illness is the best possible spin. I mean, it isn’t possible for him to have said anything more in order to come across as the world’s biggest douchebag. “You can’t process me with a normal brain,” etc. I also agree with the article in the Times, which made the point that he has been off the charts for a long time, assaulting women with alarming regularity, but he insults Chuck Lorre once and that’s what gets them to halt production?

Update: Someone on Echo said he’s probably bipolar. I’m sure this must have been suggested before because as soon as he said it I thought, of course.

I had a great great great day at the library. Sometimes I spend the entire day there and come up with nothing, but yesterday I came back with a stack of useful stuff THIS high (I’m holding my hand up a few inches above the desk).

Walking home from the library, before I turn the corner to my block.


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6 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen

  1. The person I feel bad for is Jon Cryer–he finally gets a sitcom hit and his co-star isn’t smart enough to just show up and take the money.

    Love the picture–love that time of day when it’s just gettting dark. Even the Michael Kors looks cozy!

  2. I haven’t followed the Sheen story too much, but did know he’s been acting weird a long time. My youngest sister is bipolar and trust me, before she was diagnosed and put on meds, she did some seriously crazy, self-destructive stuff. Seems like I remember reading that Patty Duke is bipolar; I think she wrote a book about it. (Not absolutely sure I’m thinking of Duke; I get celebs mixed up sometimes!)

    Anyway, bi-polar would explain a lot about Sheen’s behavior. But if he is diagnosed, meds can control that. A lot of times they don’t like to take the meds, because apparently the euphoric manic phase feels so good to them. Sad.

  3. If it’s true, and at this point he really must be suffering from some sort of mental illness, then now the media is just exploiting his illness. He’s guaranteed to say something crazy, so it’s like a game of lets put a camera on the crazy doll and watch him dance. It’s just cruel.

  4. I didn’t mean to sound insensitive about Sheen–of course I hope he gets some help.

    But I still feel bad for Jon Cryer; I’ve loved him since “Pretty in Pink.” He should have gotten the girl in that one.

  5. You didn’t come off insensitive at all! And I agree about Jon Cryer, and all the cast and crew. (And yes, he totally should have gotten the girl!! I read that they shot one version in which he did.)

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