My Favorite Halloween Picture

April 6th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

That’s my niece Nicole in the center, and her cousin (my nephew) Greg on the left and her brother (also my nephew) Chris on the right. (My niece Ellie is not in the shot because she wasn’t born yet!)

Aren’t they all so adorable?? The two boys look a little nervous, and Nicole is protecting them. I’m not sure what year that was taken, but they’re all grown up now. Nicole is 24 (studying nursing), Chris is 21 (finishing up school? political science? wants to work in a foreign country) and Greg is 20 (in school, serious musician). I am the aunt from hell, truth be told. I only see them once or twice a year. But they are wonderful, my loss! Karen, who comments here from time to time is the mother of Nicole and Chris.

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  1. 3 Responses to “My Favorite Halloween Picture”

  2. By Karen on Apr 7, 2011

    How Adorable!!!! — You are not the Aunt from Hell! They will feel honored to be included in your blog.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Apr 7, 2011

    Oh, you are nice to say that, but I really am a terrible Aunt! But my nieces and nephews are so wonderful. Whenever I see them I can’t get over it, so decent, smart, and becoming so accomplished. As their parents I don’t know how you stand it, my head would explode with pride if they were my children.

  4. By Elise on Apr 7, 2011

    wow, i love your blog! but nw im trying to follow, or subscribe, or whatnt, andi can’t seem to. it doesn’t take. oh and i found it because i was looking for who was this great girl who had written my current read, The restless sleep! true story!
    alright. enough with the! right?
    i’ll try again later. i’m getting some sort of error message.

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