What did we think of Falling Skies?

I wasn’t blown away, but I’ll give it more time. It’s the summer and I need aliens! (Must see Super 8.)

So I just get into swimming, and the city is shutting down the indoor pool on Wednesday and sometime after that (they are vague on the day) the outdoor pool will open to replace it for the summer. They also haven’t published a schedule yet for who swims when (family hours, adult hours, senior hours). I hope they remember to include Stacy hours.

Yet another store (the 700 million trillionth) is opening on Bleecker that I will never ever be able to afford to shop in. But I’m expecting great windows from you, Jimmy Choo store. Do not disappoint me.

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2 thoughts on “What did we think of Falling Skies?

  1. I saw “Midnight in Paris” on the weekend and REALLY liked it. Maybe I have come to the realization the I prefer a Woody Allen movie in which he does not actually appear (although Owen Wilson’s performance certainly had a Woody-quality about it).

  2. A bunch of my friends saw that and really liked it too. I should have gone to that instead of Super 8 yesterday, which was a lot of fun but not great, so ultimately I was disappointed.

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