Parade Day

Part of me would love to relax all day, but it’s an historic occasion. I have to make myself go out there and drum in the parade. I just discovered that I’ve forgotten how to do my favorite drum pattern though. Trying not to cry. It must be a combination of only drumming once or twice a year and aging. I’m going to ask a friend to record themselves drumming it so I can relearn in.

The outdoor pool at my gym has been filled with water! I don’t see any lap lanes blocked off, however. I’ll be very sad if I can’t keep swimming laps every week. But there’s always the fall.

The block on the far side of the pool is Leroy Street, one of the prettiest blocks in the Village. It’s also where they shot the outdoor scenes for Audrey Hepburn’s apartment in Wait Until Dark.

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2 thoughts on “Parade Day

  1. You could ask them to rope off a couple of lanes when it opens – they may not know that anyone’s interested. My guess though is they just haven’t gotten around to it yet, if they’ve finished the filling in the last week or so.

  2. You were right, they said they are planning to rope off lanes … eventually.

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