My Most Recent Call with Time Warner of NYC

Once again, editing my former post, don’t want to go to hell.

I’m not making this up. I just had the following conversation with someone from Time Warner. Not naming names.

TW: I’m reading that a technician came to your home?
Me: Yes, he switched out the box and that didn’t work so we went to the roof and found the cable was broken. He said plant had to come out and run a new cable.
TW: So you’re up and working now?

This is me at the St. Paul’s service for volunteers, first responders and recovery workers. It was a lovely service. The people at Trinity and St. Paul’s did such a great job organizing the service and the barbecue. I know that they were planning and working on this for a long time. I should also mention that the barbecue was hosted by the Todd English and The Plaza Food Hall. Thank you St. Paul’s Chapel, Trinity Church and the Plaza Food Hall!

Service for 9/11 Community at St. Paul's Chapel

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