Time Warner, Still Sucking

I’m editing my post because I was just struck with guilt at the idea that I might be jeopardizing someone’s job.

I sent Time Warner client relations a picture of the broken cable and begged them to call dispatch and talk to the technician who was here yesterday. They wanted to send a tech with a foreman, the foreman part was to mollify me I guess. But I asked if either of them could fix the cable on the roof and was told no, they have to verify that there is a broken cable on the roof. I reminded them that their technician was the one who found the broken cable yesterday, and that sending more people to go, “Oh yes, there’s a broken cable” would only delay actually fixing it.

Waiting to hear back.

This is a shot from Fashion’s Night Out.

Fashion's Night Out

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3 thoughts on “Time Warner, Still Sucking

  1. Very little in life gets me riled up, but incompetence usually drives me crazy. Can’t wait to hear how this all plays out. Do you ever watch Hulu on your computer? I haven’t, but I have a friend who recently got rid of her TV and is now addicted to it.

  2. Well at least I’m not alone in getting upset with cable service! My local cable internet has been slow, not giving me the speed I pay for (I’ve tested it online frequently)…and since I pay for Netflix streaming, this is causing problems with watching Netflix. To top it all off, my desktop PC died…hard-drive failed. Had to go buy a new PC today, but before the old one died, it was causing so many problems I was about ready to toss it out into the backyard and swear off all electronics!

    I hope this new Dell does well; I took the 2 year service plan, just in case. And tomorrow I’ll head out to the cable office to complain, no use in trying to talk to them on the phone — have to go through a dozen foreign countries and so many heavy accents before I reach an actual local person. Just easier to go to the local office and talk in person.

    Being in NYC, I’m sure there are many other cable providers; if I were you, I’d tell them unless something is done by a certain time, you’re switching providers. We only have ONE cable company here, so I am stuck with them.

    Hope your problem is resolved soon.

  3. Well, I’ve started looking into it and Verizon Vios looks like a great alternative, but they aren’t available for my building at the fastest speeds yet.

    I can’t imagine going to a local Time Warner office to actually talk to someone. They have places you can go to pick up cable boxes, but the people there just hand out boxes. They can’t really help you with anything. You have to tell me how your visit goes! Good luck!!

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