Dental Impasse

I’m tentatively scheduled to get two teeth removed tomorrow, beginning the implant process, but I’m still waiting to hear how the essix device I’m supposed to wear for the next year and a half will affect my singing.

On top of that, today after swimming, one of the people who I regularly swim with showed me the special bridge she had done (she couldn’t remember the name of it) for the exact same front tooth I’m doing all this for and it looked absolutely beautiful. Why go through the implant ordeal if I can get that??

This is a house I lived in as a child. I love this house. I was so sad when we left it.

House in Centerport

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8 thoughts on “Dental Impasse

  1. Ok, I’m officially worried about you.
    “waiting to heard”, “In top of that”, “Why do through”
    Have you installed some weird grammar mix-up software???
    I’m teasing of course, but it’s so unlike you!

  2. I’d be really sad to leave a house like that, too. I grew up in 50’s, 60’s and 70’s tract houses. No personality. The 50’s house looked like all the others on the block (think Levittown, but in Akron, Ohio).

    My grandparents in Columbus lived in a house very similar in style to your childhood home. I still spend hours on Zillow trying to find something close to it that I could afford to buy here in Greensboro. Ain’t no such creature.

  3. I suspect (and you could ask the dentist about it) that with the bridge there will be erosion of the gum over the long term, but there might be less erosion (not none but less) with the implant. Just a thought.

  4. There are pluses and minuses to each and I still don’t have all the information I need so I postponed the teeth pulling!

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