The Marathon is Tomorrow

November 5th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Like most people, marathons move me to tears. Why are they so affecting? Yes, the striving and the trying, but still. It’s running a long distance. As far as accomplishments go that has to be pretty much at the bottom, with curing cancer and other life (or planet)-saving efforts at the top. Maybe because it’s a personal achievable thing, and it’s taking place right in front of us in real-time? Unlike say, lab work or crunching numbers to come up with some useful statistics.

I went to my first marathon in Boston, in the 70’s, and for some reason I stopped going to them a couple of years ago. Why? Even though I can’t explain it, it’s still one of the most feel-good things out there, and for those of us watching, it’s effortless. We only have to show up, stand there, cheer and bask.

Maybe I will go.

This woman’s outfit caught my attention. I like it overall, but what caught my eye were the scarves she tied around her wrists. I’ve never seen that before. That’s her thing. (Someone is going to come along and say, “What are you crazy? Everyone is doing that now.” I can be quite oblivious.)

Nice outfit on Hudson Street

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  2. By Karen (the one in North Carolina) on Nov 5, 2011

    Nope. Never saw anyone with scarves or ribbons tied like that around their wrists. But then I live in North Carolina – the extreme backwater of fashion (although we do have this newfangled thing called the Intertubes that let us look at fashion pictures on-line).

  3. By Nora on Nov 5, 2011

    Someone has a Flickr set of pictures (url below) of herself wearing wrist scarves but only on one wrist at a time. Maybe the picture you posted the the start of an even newer trend, DOUBLE wrist scarfing!!!

    I also found reference online to British football fans tying team scarves to their wrists and waving them during the match (i guess this left their hands free for holding their beer). They apparently were doing this in the 60s. Who knew? Not me!

  4. By Stacy Horn on Nov 7, 2011

    Thanks for the link! Yeah, I am not very fashion aware, although I do look around me … I thought.

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