A Sad Day for my Family

My step-mother lost her youngest child, a daughter who was only 41. I don’t want to go into any specific detail or name names because not everyone loves to talk about their lives to the whole world as I apparently do and I don’t know where they stand on this.

I wasn’t close to her daughter. I was already away at college when my father remarried, and we’ve never lived near each other. But I was always charmed by her. Some people just seem more present, more alive, and she was one of those people. I remember one summer she swam until her hair turned green and she kept on swimming. I love people who get so into and enjoy what they’re doing like that. She was full of mischief and humor, so I’m sure she was a handful, but again, I enjoyed this about her. I don’t really need condolences, but her mother and her brother and sister and husband and children (and all her friends and family) do. RIP, step-sister.

A picture I took on Bleecker Street.

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “A Sad Day for my Family

  1. Thank you Karen. I feel so bad for my step-mother. Her youngest kid! There’s nothing worse, really.

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