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I don’t know why Once Upon a Time is getting the better reviews. I just watched the Grimm pilot and I prefer their premise. I’m still enjoying Once Upon a Time, but only because the actresses playing Snow and Emma are so good. I’m liking it less because the Evil Queen/Regina, who is such a big part of it, doesn’t feel real. She is a tired stereotype of evil, and not at all scary.

The thing with killing her dad would have worked better if they had held off on that for a while and allowed us to to get to know the two of them better. A few seconds of sweetness from him and a few seconds of tears welling up from her were not enough. We weren’t attached yet. It was a missed opportunity.

Grimm just seems a whole lot smarter and fun, and like it’s going to be full of surprises. The set-up gives them more freedom to be inventive, and to have fun. The main character, a homicide detective named Grimm, learns he’s descended from a line of Grimms who can see all these fantastic, supernatural creatures that others can’t. The creatures are drawn from the Grimm fairytales, except they’re modernized, which isn’t happening in Once Upon a Time. It’s Buffy meets Supernatural. Lots of possibilities here, but who knows which will emerge as best in the end. It’s too soon to tell, but I already prefer Grimm.

Poor Buddy. You can feel his pain in this shot. All that tension and longing. I’m sorry Buddy. You can’t have him.

Cat Wants Pigeon

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4 thoughts on “Grimm

  1. Hi Stacy,
    it’s interesting. Although Buddy presents the ultimate threat the to pigeon, the pigeon realizes Buddy cannot come through the glass. There is something of a psychological standoff going on between two of God’s creatures.

    If you only had four or five mistletoe berries on the plant, this would be a great Christmas card.

    It could say something like, “Merry Christmas!” And under that, “Rapprochement in New York City”

    Here is a video with a similar theme. I disapprove of the mountain lion’s intentions here, as I am against cannibalism and prefer to think of cats as a higher form of life. At the same time, you can see that the Maine Coon cat is not willing to give up any psychological ground, particularly with the other house cat being accustomed to having him as the boss.

  2. I was afraid to look at that because I thought it might end in someone getting hurt, but it was safe and animal-harm free!

    I don’t know if I could live in a place where mountain lions come up to your back door!! That’s insane.

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