Some New York City Marathon 2011 Shots

The first and second place women’s winners. Sometimes people would run by with news cameras following them and I could never figure out or recognize who they were soon enough. I later learned that Apollo Ohno and Ethan Zohn were running, so two of the times it was them.

New York City Marathon 2011

Someone who loves Liz. So sweet. I would have felt like I died and went to heaven if I was running and someone held up a sign like that for me. Oh, that second sign is for her too. Nice.

New York City Marathon 2011

These girls were across the street from me. Every girl but two has a phone in her hand. I don’t think I ever saw them cheering. But they might have. I wouldn’t have noticed once it really got going.

New York City Marathon 2011

Because it’s me, I also noticed the pigeons. Who were watching too. One spent some time on the track/road, and he kept inching perilously close to the runners. I was afraid he’d eventually go splat, and I wanted to ask one of the cops to shoo him away, but then I was afraid the cop would be insulted at the implication that it was his job to shoo away pigeons.

New York City Marathon 2011

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3 thoughts on “Some New York City Marathon 2011 Shots

  1. Who in their right mind wears fur to a marathon?

    On a sadder note, I am desolated that Jack the cat has lost his valiant battle to overcome his ordeal at JFK airport. I will be watching to be sure that American Airlines atones for what they put this cat through — nothing less than a huge stonking donation to the ASPCA or Alley Cat Allies.

  2. I couldn’t even read the whole story, it was so upsetting. I agree about American Airlines, they need to do something bigtime.

  3. Oh, and those girls are teenagers (I think!), I cut them some slack. I was particularly clueless then.

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