Grimm vs Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time got a little better. There was a lot less of the unscary and annoying evil queen, and more Snow and Emma. I’m also enjoying the chemistry between Snow and Charming. I just wish the show was funnier. A serious missed opportunity with the trolls, for instance. They weren’t scary, as per usual, so they should have tried for funny. Come on. Monty Python? I’m still enjoying Grimm a lot more, although I hate to say it, I think Once Upon a Time has stronger actors, and I wish I liked the main character of Grimm more.

Update: Once Upon a Time is continuing to get better, while Grimm, which hasn’t been on in a while, was starting to lose me a little. Now I’m wish Grimm had more sidekicks, like the Buffy scooby gang.

Earlier Grimm vs Once Upon a Time report.

Look at Finney hugging that old iBook. The minute I bring it out he’s up on the desk, throwing his body across the keyboard. (It’s very warm.)

Buddy and Finney on my Desk

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2 thoughts on “Grimm vs Once Upon a Time

  1. What desk hogs they are! But adorable nonetheless. Ok, so I started watching Grimm instead of Once upon a Time based on your previous review so I have to change gears and fit them both in now? Ah, the pressure of juggling shows when you’re a TV addict! 🙂 I do like Grimm so far. I’m not sure if I can get the first couple of the other show to see how it started, but I will try to so I can compare as well and pick one if not both! Of course, they may not last anyway. Still liking Pan Am and Ringer.

  2. Yeah, neither is great, so I don’t know how long I will watch them.
    Yes, being a tv addict is so much work!

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