Project Accessory You Inspire Me

Project Accessory Shoe Challenge Winner
Are you all watching Project Accessory? It’s exactly what you think it is, Project Runway except with accessories: jewelry, bags, shoes, belts, etc. It’s almost more exciting because you get to see how the simplest, most nothing outfit can be transformed, and transformed for little cost. Even a poor person can look fabulous.

I know that fact is not news, but it’s demonstrated so dramatically. The runways at the end are over-flowing with tips and ideas which you can apply to your own wardrobe. It’s fun to watch a show involving a more accessible product, something you can actually indulge in yourself. The world of Project Runway is more out-of-reach, although still fascinating to watch.

That reminds me, the true treasure of Project Runway is Tim Gunn. The mentor on Project Accessory … oh god, I can’t even picture who the person is! But whoever they are they don’t project the charisma, the genuine caring charm, and equally important, the knowledge of the industry and fashion that Tim Gunn has in spades. The same is true of the guy on Work of Art by the way (charisma/caring-wise, not knowledge-of-industry-wise), but I can see him trying which makes him kind of endearing.

Project Accessory makes me want to take a shot at designing my own accessories. What the hell? I have no particular talent in this area, but when you see what they whip up in such a short amount of time and with found materials, it makes you want to give it a try.

My favorite designer, James Sommerfeldt, went home, alas. That’s his shoe pictured above. He was such a sweetheart. I hate people who participate in shows like this and say, “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win.” There’s no reason you can’t do both! Shoes are James’s specialty and he generously helped everyone during the shoe challenge and still won. Yes, he ultimately went home, but he didn’t go home because he was so nice. (For those of you watching, didn’t you think his going home that week was bullshit??)

Update: Speaking of talented people, imagine being this person. A problem so beautifully solved!

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4 thoughts on “Project Accessory You Inspire Me

  1. I haven’t managed to catch an episode of Project Accessory yet (there must be something else on that I like at the same time so I just keep missing it) but when I first saw an ad for it, I thought “Maybe I could do that!” Perhaps there will be a Canadian version (they shot a season of Project Runway Canada here in Ottawa a few years ago. Iman had Heidi Klum’s role and a Canadian designer named Brian Bailey was our answer to Tim Gunn but paled in comparison. I LOVE Tim.) I’d probably freak out on the first assignment & be the first contestant booted off.

  2. I thought of you and I meant to mention how you further inspired me when you suggested trying to decorate my shoes myself. That kind of thing would never occur to me normally, but why not??

  3. Why the hell not, indeed??
    Watching the Royal Wedding and then the Royal Tour across Canada in July, I got it in my head that it would be fun to try & make Fascinators. Nothing as hideous as that one that that daughter of Andrew & Sarah wore to the wedding, mind you!

  4. That is a great idea!! I love those things. I never wear them, but I would if I was younger. (When I was younger I took more pleasure in getting all dressed up.)

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